• Home

    BOST activities are divided into separate divisions to their own sets of actions and specific focus. Explore what each of them hides.

  • Gates

    We supply garage and industrial doors, and automate gateways for homes and businesses.

  • Machines

    We are among the leading suppliers of metal forming machinery in Slovakia. Our assortment includes tooling machines Robodrill FanucQuaser and Takisawa lathes.

  • Automation

    We are ranked among the specialists in the field of robotics. We offer production of PLC, linking CNC machines with robots, with robotic machining, cutting, bending, etc.

  • Service

    We guarantee customer service, maintenance, preventive inspections and repairs of CNC and conventional machines, removal and transfer of machines, production lines and factories in Slovakia or abroad.

  • Production

    We provide comprehensive solutions in the area of turning, milling and laser marking of promotional items.

  • Education

    We have long-standing experience in providing educational services. We offer specialized courses for engineering professionals realized upon modern machinery and equipment.

  • Research

    We work on our own research and development tasks and patents in the field of robotic machining, magnetic clamping, or effective establishment of workpieces.

Joint stock company BOST SK

was established in 1990 as natural person BOST - Vladimír Bielik, who is now its major shareholder. Company currently operates in several segments of industry, it is located in Trenčín, employs nearly 70 employees and its turnover exceeds 10 million Euros.

Activities of company are distributed mainly in the form of supply technology, robotics and automation, in engineering production and scientific-research activities. Gateway systems represent separate area. BOST also runs production division with cca. 15 CNC machines and delivers metal parts for companies in electronic, hydraulic or automotive industry. Company operates various R&D projects supported by EU grants as well.

Presentation BOST

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